School Days

The first day of school is finally here. After taking these pictures and producing this page I realized that our boys are growing up. It was a great summer with plenty of lake fun and sleep overs. We blew our grocery budget for the next six months and the dogs can start sleeping during the day again. We only get a small number of summers with our children, then they grow up and start their own families. I hope this was one that they will remember for many years to come.


A little pool fun

Mom is happy on the first day of school.

Seth is not happy about the first day of school!

Grayson could care less about the first day of school?

Dad tries to contain his emotions.

Mom: "I need a hug"

Seth: "What if the bus driver forgets me?"

Mom: "I need a hug here Too"

Grayson: " OK Mother"

Grayson tries to explain a combination lock to his brother.

Good luck Gray.

Mom leaves for work as "The Boys" still try to figure out that combination lock.